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H-Field Coax-Wave Guide Adapter

To get an adapter with small diameter I designed a H-field incoupling from the back of the circular wave guide. The challenge was to get the power mostly in the TE11 mode and not in the TM01 mode.

Centre frequency: 5.8 GHz

-10 dB Bandwidth: 22%

Dielectric Rod Antenna

The dielectric rod antenna was designed for a radar level measurement system. It can be use in chemical application, food production, waste water and similar condition.

Centre frequency: 5.8 GHz

Gain: 15.7 dBi

Side lobe level: -22 dB

Filter for Base Stations

I designed filters and diplexers for base stations. Mainly comb line filters but also TM-mode and TE-mode filters. The comb line filters include temperature compensation to fulfil the requirements.

The area market with green is the TX filter section with temperature compensation.