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With more than 20 years work experience in RF design in different applications I offer my consultancy services.


  •   Independent and self-motivated with a broad knowledge and the capability to expand it.

  • Excellent trouble-shooting skills with the analytical talents required to quickly solve difficult RF/analog/EMC engineering problems.

  • Skilled at near-range radar systems in harsh environments. Know pro and contra of FMCW and puls radar for near range applications.

  • Skilled in field simulation with CST Microwave Studio, HFSS, FEKO and Microwave Wizard.

  • Experience with ANSYS Workbench, thermal simulation and APDL.

  • Skilled in filter design for base stations with combline, TE-mode and TM-mode resonators. Some experience with multi-mode design.

  • Skilled at antenna design, from low frequency to microwave.

  • Skilled with vector network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, signal source, power meters, on-  waver measurement, antenna measurement and noise measurement.

  • Skilled in mechanical designs in 2D and 3D.


Established the new simulation department for a windshield antenna For a USA company PGW.

Ongoing consultation for a German company elspec in RF area.

Seminar about RF radiation at home and its influence on humans.