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elspec is a high-quality company located in south Germany. They have specialised in cables for over 20 years. The product range comprises industrial, coaxial and special cables for use in

  • aerospace industry
  • communications engineering
  • consumer electronics
  • military technology
  • automotive industry
  • medical engineering
  • telecommunications
  • oil production
  • research centers.

They are experts as far as standards such as UL, CSA, NEMA HP3/HP4 and MIL-C-17 are concerned - and deliver cables with a test report and acknowledgement in accordance with customer requirements. 

elspec has over 20 years of experience in cable assembly. Particularly low noise assembly and for cryogenic application.

Teledyne Storm Microwave 

Teledyne Storm Microwave is one of the leading company for high quality coax-cable. The product range is optimize for the different requirements.

  • ultra low loss
  • phase stable with bending
  • phase stable via temperature
  • long flex life time
  • improved crush, kink and pinch resitance
  • frequency range up to 67 GHz

Further information at Teledyne Storme Microwave

50 Ω / 75 Ω Subminiature RF cables 

Sub-miniature cables - produced with temperature-resistant insulating material (TEFLON) and thus fully suitable for soldering.

Outer Diameter: 0.53 mm ... 1.50 mm


E-Flex Flexco

Flexco Microwave's sealed convoluted metal outer conductor is 

manufactured using a patented process to form a highly flexible, 

tubular outer conductor of the highest quality. Center 

conductors are silver-plated copper. With the patented dielectric process this design allows for no change in the connectivity between the inner and outer conductor during repeating flexing.

  • Extreme Flexibility
  • Improved Electrical Stability
  • Lower Phase versus Temperature Coefficient
  • Crush-proof and tough


Cryogenic Cables

MecSemi-rigid cables with an outer conductor of stainless stell are commonly used in systems temperatures range above or below -55°C to +150°C. Cryogenic systems are sensitive to heat transfer and rely on the relatively low heat transfer of certain stainless steel alloys.

The higher attenuation of these cables can be offset by using a special bimetallic construction pioneered by Precision Tube Company which has the same loss as copper.

For further information or samples please contact us.


Low Noise Cable and Assemblies

Mechanical influences on RF cables e.g. vibration, bending and torsion, friction, fluctuations of pressure, can produce partial charge shifts that are quite considerable. The smaller the amplitude of the transmitted signal, the greater is the disturbing effect of the noise signals.

Low noise cables with a special semi-conductor layer have been developed that counter these disturbing side-effects to a very large extent. This layer is incorporated between the dielectric and the shield. This measure results in increasing attenuation however, specially at frequencies above 100 MHz.

Typical application fields:

  •     Pressure transducers
  •     Medical science
  •     Measuring probes
  •     Microphones
  •     pH instruments
  •     Sensors 

elspec offers a wide range of standard and special types – please call us or send an eMail for detailed information.


All of our partners are registered in QPL.

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